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· Cannot combine with any other Boston International promotions.

· In order to take advantage of the dating terms, new customers must provide a completed credit sheet and clear the credit check. Without cleared credit, your account will remain on credit card terms.

· Applies ONLY to 2022 Vol 3 Autumn Catalog products.

· Accounts that are pre-pay are not eligible to receive the dating terms; however they can receive the freight deal.

· IHR and BI Home products from the 2022 Vol 3 Autumn Catalog can be combined onto the same order.

· Specific ship date requests are not allowed. Orders will ship at factory convenience. Enter a ship date of July 7.

· Ship complete is not an option. We ship as complete as possible to minimize backorders.

· Dating terms will be lost if backorders are cancelled bringing the total below the minimum dollar level.

· If a customer already receives special terms or a freight deal, they must choose between these promotional program terms or the terms they currently receive (cannot have both).

· If the invoice for this promotional order is paid past the due date, it will be subject to a 1.5% finance charge and forfeiture of the special terms and future eligibility in our dating programs.

· Freight deals exclude shipping outside the Continental United States. Alaska and Hawaii must ship to a freight forwarder

in California or Washington State to receive the freight deal.

· For orders that do not meet the minimum dollar requirement, the customer can choose their ship date and will not receive the terms of this special.

· Promotions are subject to be changed or cancelled at Boston International’s discretion at any time.