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Fall 2023 Catalog Promotion
Must order by July 31, 2023

Spend $1,500+ from our 2023 Fall Catalog, get NET 60 Terms & 12% Freight Cap
Use code: FS23

*Fall Catalog items ONLY. Must be a new separate order. Due to different ship date, orders from different Catalogs must be separate. Do not combine with other Catalog orders to meet promotion minimum. No exceptions. Orders will ship at FACTORY CONVINIENCE (enter ship date of July 1st)

* see below for more exceptions

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Exceptions & Exclusions:

  • In order to take advantage of this dating/extended terms, new customers MUST provide a completed credit sheet and clear the credit check. Without cleared credit, your account will remain on credit card terms.
  • Cannot combine with any other Boston International promotion.
  • Applies ONLY to 2023 Vol 3 Fall Catalog products.
  • Accounts that are "pre-pay" are not eligible to receive the dating terms, however they can receive the freight promotion.
  • IHR and BI Home products from the 2023 Vol 3 Fall Catalog can be combined onto the same order.
  • Specific ship date requests are not allowed. ORDERS WILL SHIP AT FACTORY CONVINIENCE. Enter a ship date of July 1st, 2023
  • Ship complete is not an option. We ship as complete as possible to minimize backorders.
  • Extended terms will be lost if backorders are cancelled bringing the total below the minimum dollar level.
  • If a customer already receives special terms or freight deal, they must choose between these promotional program terms or the terms they receive currently (cannot have both).
  • If the invoice for this promotional order is paid past the due date, it will be subject to a 1.5% finance charge and forfeiture of the specials terms and future.
  • Freight deals exclude shipping outside of the continental US. Alaska and Hawaii must ship to a freight forwarder in CA or WA to receive the freight deal.
  • For orders that do not meet minimim dollar reqirment, the customer can choose their ship date and will not recieve special terms.
  • Promo sunject to change or cancel per discretion of BI.
  • Promo not valid in Canada- please see your local Canada rep for details.